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One of the things I love about going back to school (I actually hate going back to school, but anyway) is designing my new school book covers. I proper make a full day out of it during the last week of the school holidays, where I play my music and get out my covering contact. It sounds really lame, but I actually quite enjoy it, so I thought I'd show you how I've covered my exercise books for this year.

I got this roll of brown craft paper from Kmart, which I used as the base on all my books. Firstly, I laid out my book on the paper and then cut out some paper so that there was approximately 5cm of paper left around the book. I stuck this paper onto my book using a gluestick.

Then I made four cuts as shown and stuck them down onto the inside cover. I did the same for the other side as well.

I had all these black and white photos that were previously stuck on my wall that I reused, but you could easily print out photos and have them in either black and white or colour. The photos can be of anything you like, but the majority of mine are of various celebrities.

I then laid out my photos onto my book so that they all fit on and stuck them down. After sticking pictures on both sides of my book, I wrote my name in the top left corner of the book and the subject in the top right corner.

Then I just contacted my books by following the instructions that are given to you on the paper that covers the contact (if that makes sense).

I have all these different coloured washi tapes that I believe were from Kmart, so I put a strip of tape down the spine of each book before contacting, making sure that every book had a different tape. Not only does this look cute, it also helps me easily see what book corresponds with what subject by going "oh yeah, the black and white tape is for maths" or whatever it might be.

And that's it! I'm really happy with how these turned out, let me know what you think!

Sarah xxx

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  1. Adding the different patterned tapes down the spine is a fantastic idea to quickly and easily identify the various subjects. And love that you re-purposed those old black and white photos. Good job, love it!