80 Things That Make Me Happy

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If there's something that you should know about me, it's that I love making lists. I made this things to be happy about / favourite things list just for fun and when I finished writing it I was actually pretty proud of it so I thought I'd turn it into a blog post! Even just reading over this list makes me feel happy, so hopefully it will have the same effect on you (if you can relate to them!). A lot of these things are quite random and a bit weird but that's kinda what I like about it, and I hope you will too.

1. Clean + fresh sheets
2. Feeling fresh
3. Freshly baked cookies
4. Watching YouTube 
5. Skincare products
6. Feeling safe
7. Soft blankets
8. A comfortable bed
9. One Direction

10. Pasta
11. Oversized sweaters 
12. Baggy t-shirts
13. Making people smile / laugh
14. Helping others
15. Taking Buzzfeed quizzes
16. Writing
17. Being organised 
18. Spending time with family
19. Lush bath bombs

20. Stationery
21. Feeling cosy
22. The beach
23. Swimming over the waves
24. Feeling confident and powerful
25. Shopping
26. Looking at pretty photographs
27. Reminiscing 
28. Talking about exciting things happening in the future
29. British accents
30. Silences that aren't awkward 
31. Sweet smelling candles
32. Rainy nights by the fireplace
33. Hot chocolates

34. Raspberries
35. Suddenly remembering dreams
36. Music
37. Sparks of creativity
38. Feeling warm and fuzzy and loved
39. Nail polish
40. Laughing until crying
41. New albums from my fave artists
42. Getting good test results
43. Baking
44. Finding bargains
45. Pictures of my favourite celebrities
46. Good books that are hard to put down

47. Fresh food
48. Seafood
49. Sunshowers
50. Thunderstorms at school
51. New textas / crayons / pencils
52. Food in general
53. Popcorn
54. Going to the cinema
55. Simple and pretty jewellery
56. Pyjama days
57. The feeling of a soft rug under bare feet
58. Feeling good about myself
59. People who make me feel happy just by being around
60. Holidays
61. Inside jokes
62. New haircuts
63. Mixed berry smoothies
64. Concerts

65. Having a clean room
66. Decorating things
67. Washi tape
68. Wrapping presents
70. Opening gifts
71. Birthdays
72. Platinum hair
73. Singing at the top of my lungs
74. Compliments from strangers
75. People telling me they miss me
76. Photos / videos that bring back good memories
77. Sunny days that aren't hot
78. Temporary tattoos
79. Natural tans
80. Hair getting lighter in summer

So there's the eighty things that make me really happy, what are yours? I was also thinking of making a "lists" category in the bar at the top of my blog where I can just write lists of whatever I like, what do you guys think?

Sarah xxx

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  1. I love all those things too!! you should make more lists I really liked that one!! ❤

  2. I love this so much! I definitely agree with washi tape..! Love it! <3 ;)


  3. Love these! Definitely agree with you. A clean room is something that calms me so much!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk