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Over the past year or so, I have accumulated a few Zoella Beauty products (keeping in mind that I have already used some of them up!) which I like to showcase on my bookshelf just because they all look so pretty. Here in Australia, it is a little tricky to get your hands on these gorgeous products, especially if you wanted some of Zoe's newer stuff. Luckily, in Target they do sell a few bits from her original range, which I'm quite happy about, but the majority of my products were bought online at feelunique.com, and the shipping was only $5, bless! So if you're Australian and wish to purchase some Zoella Beauty products, then be sure to check out feelunique!

From the original collection, I have the Soak Opera Bath & Shower Cream and the Creamy Madly Deeply Body Lotion. I like to use the Soak Opera as a bubble bath as it creates lots of bubbles (you barely need any poured into your bath at all!) and once it is in my bath, my whole bathroom smells heavenly. The body lotion also smells divine and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. This product goes a long way, you don't need that much to cover your skin.

Next is the Tutti Fruity collection, from which I own the Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer and the Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub. All three products smell incredible, I swear I could sniff them all day, though that would be a bit weird if someone saw me, haha! The bath fizzer turns my normal bath water into a glorious fruity soak and when I get out of the bath I am left with skin that feels oh-so-soft. The body lotion has exfoliating beads and like the Creamy Madly Deeply Body Lotion, it makes my skin feel really soft and smooth. I love love love the body scrub as it again makes my skin super smooth and gets rid of any dead skin that I might have, especially on my feet!

The next two products are quite possibly the best things I've ever smelt in my life! They are the Bath Latte Bath & Shower Milk and the Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer from the Sweet Inspirations collection, and they smell so good that I could eat them. I haven't actually tried them yet, lowkey because they just look so pretty on my shelf and also because I want to save the scent but trust me, I will get around to using them at some point in the near future.

Last but definitely not least, is the Snap Fizz Relax Ginger Bath Fizzers and the Deck The Baubles Bubble Bath from Zoe's Christmas 2016 collection. I received these two for Christmas and MY WORD do they smell amazing. The gingerbread scent really makes me miss Christmas and even though I feel like I should probably use these at Christmas, I most likely won't. The packaging for the bubble bath is so so cute and the actual liquid itself is super sparkly and pretty, and I can't wait to use it!

That's all my Zoella Beauty products! All of them smell absolutely incredible, Zoe has done a marvellous job with creating them. If you've tried any Zoella Beauty products, I would love to know your opinions on them in the comments below!

Sarah xxx

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