A Day In The City

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The other day, me and four of my friends decided to spend a day in the city. We actually went there because one of my friends had to take photos for a school assignment, but we kinda didn't do that, and we just spent our time hanging out and being a tourist in our own city - Sydney. I wasn't planning on making this into a post, so I just have pictures from my phone as I didn't bring a camera, but I thought I'd share with you some of my pictures and also what we did. Also, I only started taking photos later on in the day, so you'll notice that there are no photos of what we did at the start of the day, sorry!

We got off at Town Hall so we firstly went into the Queen Victoria Building and looked at a few shops without actually buying anything, though I did have to refrain myself from buying anything from Lush - everything is just so beautiful in there! We got delicious smoothies from Boost and then we went out onto Pitt Street Mall where we saw three young kids street performing, and they were so good! They all had such beautiful voices. From Pitt Street Mall, we walked to the massive Dymocks (a book store) shop and spent a while browsing the shelves and obsessing over books that we'd love to read.

Now this is where the pictures come in. We walked to the Museum of Contempary Art, and looked at some of the, let's say interesting, artworks (one of them was literally just a huge canvas painted fully black!). After spending some time in there, we walked around the harbour and had McDonalds for lunch as none of us really brought that much money, haha! After our ~delicious~ lunch, we walked to the Opera House where there was a lot of people, but the amazing views of the Harbour Bridge made up for it.

(this is a close-up of the Opera House tiles!)

We walked up the steps to the Opera House, and we touched the tiles (!!) and took a load of selfies. We then had to make our way back to the station so that we could get home as it was getting late, and on the way there we came across this sign. You might be thinking 'why the heck would you pose with that sign' BUT if you've watched one of Joe Sugg's vlogs from when him and Caspar Lee were in Australia in 2015, they walked past this sign and Joe featured it in his video and gave a comment of "as opposed to scientists that don't give a sh*t", and it was just really funny to me, so why not take a photo with it?

When we made it back to the QVB, I had my first ever drink from Starbucks (shocker, I know), which was an iced latte, and it was quite good! Then we made it back to the station where we waited like fifteen minutes for our train and then we went home after an amazing day filled with great company.

That night, I decided to have a bath and I used my Shoot For The Stars bath bomb from Lush that I had left over from Christmas. It was a very relaxing way to end an exhausting yet fun day!

Before I leave, can we just talk about Ed Sheeran's new album?! I've had it on repeat pretty much since it came out. and I absolutely LOVE all of the songs, but my faves would have to be New Man (even though I feel like a lot of people don't like it), Dive and What Do I Know?.

Sarah xxx

P.S. I would really appreciate it if you left any blog post suggestions / requests in the comments below and let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this in the future!!

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  1. ahha this is so late, but that was such a fun day! i am loving your blog posts so much!! xxx

    1. I know right, I loved it so much! Thank you, lots of love xx

  2. Your city looks like a lot of fun!
    UM...Ed Sheeran's new stuff is AMAZING!

    I particularly like 'Galway Girl' and 'Nancy Mulligan'.
    Which are your favourites?


    1. I know right! I love Galway Girl too, but Dive would have to up there as well! x