How To Make The Most Out Of Every Day

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It's the start of a new month, a fresh start in my eyes, so it's the perfect time to rethink how you are spending your time during the day, and whether or not you are doing all that you can to make it a worthwhile one! Now, I'm not saying that EVERY day has to be this productive, I know that there are some days where I just want to stay in bed and watch YouTube all day, but for the days where you want to get stuff done, here are some tips for you.

1. Wake up early. This may sound a lil tricky for those of you who love a good sleep in, but trust me, when you wake up early it gives you more time to get ready for the day and have a good brekkie.

2. Create a to do list. I find that when I can see the things I need to get done visually, it really helps me to do them as I feel a sense of accomplishment after I tick tasks off.
(ignore the ugly burn on my hand ew)

3. Keep your area tidy. Before I go to bed, I like to give my room a bit of a tidy up so that it's all ready for the next day, and I'm not as stressed as my mind can think more clearly when my workspaces are clean.

4. Stay positive. If you keep in a positive frame of mind, it is much easier to get things done. If you are struggling with this, it might be a good idea to keep positive quotes on post it notes and stick them around your house, especially in areas that you look at a lot.

5. Take breaks. It's important that you aren't putting too much pressure on yourself to complete all the tasks that you want, so you should take around half an hour breaks every two hours or so to put your mind at ease and think through what else you are planning to achieve.

6. Listen to music. When I listen to music, even if I'm just doing day to day tasks, it makes me much more motivated and puts me if such a great mood.

7. Express yourself. It's important to do something that you love, whether it's a sport or something creative, as this will bring you pleasure.

8. Do some exercise. Working out or even just going for a 20 minute walk can really help ease your mind, and doing exercise can make you feel much happier as it releases endorphins.

9. Eat well. If you eat healthily and eat proper meals, you will feel better about yourself rather than if you just pick at junk food all day.

10. Unwind. At the end of a productive day, make sure that you take some time to yourself. Run a bath, put on a face mask, play some relaxing music, read a book - whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed, do it!

There you have it. Hopefully these tips will help you to get the most out of your day!

Sarah xxx

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