A Day At The Easter Show

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On Saturday, I went with three of my friend to the Sydney Royal Easter Show! It was a super fun day, and I thought I'd share some photos with you! They were all either taken on my iPhone 6, or my friends iPhone 7 Plus. It was super hard to narrow down all the photos we took down to these, I definitely took more than I needed to, lol!

We started off by doing the "animal walk", where we saw heaps of cute animals including these adorable piglets and their mother. I thought they looked really interesting because they all had a pink strip through the middle of their bodies.

We watched the police dog show, where the dogs sniffed out fake drugs from backpacks and people, and the police officer showed us how well trained and obedient they are.

Next, my friend Aimee and I went on the Ferris Wheel, and there was such a good view of the whole Easter Show and the bushland surrounding it. Although I was kinda scared at first (I hate heights), it was really fun and I'm glad I conquered my fear.

We went to the farmyard nursery, where there were sheep, goats and lambs roaming freely that you could pat and feed. It was quite crowded but all worth it as the animals were so cute and some of them felt SO soft.

Then we walked to the flower and garden section, and on display were these roses that had won awards for their "excellence".

We then looked at the artworks and the cake decorating section, and they were so good! It's amazing how much patience and talent some people have.

To end off the day, we got showbags and then sat in the stadium for a bit because we were going to watch the grand parade, but sadly we had to leave before it started.

As we were walking out, there was a really pretty sunset which I took more photos of than I needed to hahah.

We also got to see how pretty the rides were when all the lights came on at night. 

All in all, it was a really fun day and I would definitely recommend for you to go to the Easter Show if you don't mind large crowds! Also, I think I'm going to start a "A Day At/In The ...." series, as I've already done a blog post similar to this when I went to the city which you can find here, so let me know if you like these sort of posts.

Sarah xxx

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