A Weekend In The Blue Mountains

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Before I get into this, you may or may not noticed that I've been MIA and I haven't uploaded a blog post in like two weeks. Well, the reason for this is that I have been super busy with schoolwork as all my assignments just came at once, and amongst all that it was my 16th birthday! This trip was actually apart of my birthday celebrations but anyway, I hope you enjoy!

On Friday the 5th of May 2017, my family and I went on an adventure to the Blue Mountains! My brother and I took the day off school (yay) and we set off on our short road trip of around two hours at 11am. The trip didn't feel that long as I brought my earphones so I could listen to my own music, and the scenery outside the car was really pretty to look at.

Before we got to the Airbnb we were staying at, we stopped off at a restaurant for lunch where I had delicious beef nachos. Near the restaurant there was a bush walk that led to a lookout, so we walked that and even though the amount of stairs made it very tiring, the view was all worth it! From there, it was only a 15 minute drive to where we were staying, so we arrived there at around 3pm.

It so happened that the Harry Styles concert tickets went on sale on this day, so I brought my laptop so I could ~hopefully~ buy tickets for me and my friend Aimee. I was successful and I feel extremely lucky as there were not that many tickets on sale. I was super glad I got them and it put me in a good mood for the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday morning, we went to Leura Mall, a street that has lots of nice shops and we also had breakfast at a cafe there. I bought a few things, including a book and de-stress melts that you put in an oil burner. For breakfast I had poached eggs with halloumi cheese and avocado and it tasted really good! We also went to a candy shop and OF COURSE we bought a few lollies to eat over the rest of the weekend.

After this, we went to Scenic World which is a place near the Three Sisters that has a cableway, skyway, railway and a boardwalk through the rainforest. My family and I went on all three "rides" and as I had never done it before, it was so cool to experience it. My favourite thing was probably the railway as even though it was kinda scary at first (it's the steepest train in the world!) it was actually pretty fun.

They had a sculpture walk on at the time we went, which was where all these artists created artworks that were displayed in the rainforest all the way along the boardwalk. It was so cool and made me wonder how they even created them.

On our last day, we packed up all our stuff and there happened to be markets on on this day, so we decided to go to them. They were selling all different kinds of things and I got a few things at them, including three super cute succulents. We also got these super pretty cupcakes that tasted delicious!

After this, we headed back home where we were reunited with our adorable dog, Oscar - he was so happy to see us! Overall, I had a great time and I would definitely recommend for anyone to go there for a weekend away (or maybe more)!

Sarah xxx

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