Top 3 Favourite Nail Polishes

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HELLO!!! I haven't posted in ageessss but here I am finally, with another blog post. I know that in my "Quality Over Quantity" post I rambled on about how I would much rather spend time producing something that I was proud of than publish posts that were just "okay", but I've decided that I am instead going to put out relatively short posts (depending on what it is) rather than long rambly ones that no one would be bothered to fully read. So, here's my first one for over a month: my top three favourite nail polishes.

I am a HUGE lover of nail polishes, there is barely any time where I am not wearing it, even though it's probably SUPER bad for your skin. I have quite the collection of nail polish, but these are the three that I tend to reach for the most.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Sweet-Heart - This is definitely the nail polish that I have used the most out of these three, and it's because pale pink is my favourite colour ever, and it also glides on my nails really nicely.

SinfulColors Nail Colour in Lie-Lac - This light purple shade is TO DIE FOR, and it also lasts a really long time on my nails compared to other polishes I've used.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Señorita Rose-alita - I love that this deep pink nail polish has a bit of gold glitter in it; it really makes the colour stand out more and look even more beautiful.

Sarah xxx

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